Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cover Painting

The cover of my forthcoming novel 'Dirty Picture' shows Iqbal Hussain's stunning painting. Two young women with haunted eyes looking directly at the viewer.

The Jacket

Yesterday I received the cover of my forthcoming novel 'Dirty Picture'. There was an instant connection. I was reminded of the time I had my babies - nineteen and seventeen years ago. I couldn't take my eyes off them. To look at something else, to think of other things seemed sacrilegeous.

These pure moments are so rare. As I savour mine I know from the past experience of writing two novels that it is going to be brief. Too soon the book will march out into the public sphere, displaying her strengths and vulnerabilities to all. She might be commended or reviled, or both in turns. Who knows!

They all grow up and leave. When we create we have to learn to let go.

What we are left with are memories of the magical moment.

This, to etch mine deeper.